Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Fashion Style

Fashion Style in Magazine

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2013

Versace Spring 2013

Prada Spring 2013

Fashion Hats & Glovers

These are fashion Hats and Glover
dsquared two hat marc jacobs black and ivory mink edwardian hat
tommy hilfiger black and brown leather driving gloves louis vuitton silk twill leopard snood

Fashion Belt

These are Fashion Belt.
dior belt calvin klein collection belt
azzedine alaia suede belt vc signature gold placket skinny belt

Fashion Bags

These are some fashion bags.
marc jacobs white nude and peach lamb leather make up ivory bag marc jacobs roccia black and white leather diagonal ayers khaki bag
marc jacobs pink nude and peach lamb leather make up the large single with gold buckle roberto cavalli eggplant leather florence tote

Fashion Shose

These are some example of fashion shoses .
louis vuitton metallic blue lace up to the knee boot gucci wedge
bottega veneta bootcalvin klein collection platform loafer

Weather Clouth

Moving On

  • Monday, 5 September 2011

To Londoners the weather forecast is considered as accurate as auntie's new Tarot card-reading hobby skills, and as much as I hate to say this, that perpetual uncertainty is what seems to make people hopeful.
I've had a light summer skirt I bought in Paris hanging at the edge of my wardrobe (not even inside!) waiting for a warm day, holding on to the hope that the 'sun' icon will actually fulfil itself in later in the day. Of course it doesn't, and the best bit is that they don't bother changing the icon even when it's pouring outside.
I propose they make a 'maybe' icon. London's cynicism, half of it is thanks to the weather really. So here's looking forward to colder weathers, to layering, snug knits and structured coats from Chanel. At least we know chilly winds are definitely around the corner.

It's can fell sunny or not?

The It-Bag

Kate bag in green, £75, Jaeger
Seen on the shoulder of Kate Middleton at Wimbledon, and actually named after the duchess herself, Jaeger's oh-so-cute Kate bag is now on sale at just £60. Copy Kate... Go on, she won't mind

Beautyful Shose

Statement Shoes... No, Really... Shoes That Are Saying Something!

  • Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Last week, Kate Upton stepped out in Christian Louboutin "sex" heels. No, these aren't a very sexy version of Christian Louboutin's hottest pumps... These were actually heels that had the word "sex" written across them.
In a world where women seem to be wearing less and less these days, it's funny to think that we have to scream such a statement across our footwear. On the other hand, we've been wearing statement tees, jeans and necklaces - and beyond - for years now. We've made political statements with our T-shirts with witty remarks plastered across our chests. Sex And The City's Carrie Bradshaw even wrote her name across her neck in gold with her signature necklace that became a cult-like trend for over a decade.
So was it just a matter of time before the statements moved to the floor, where the drama continues?
Ask any woman what she covets above all else in fashion and she'll probably tell you she loves her shoes and handbags. As such items are usually staples, I do believe we've kept away from making statements that are too drastic with these investments. But it seems Louboutin has different plans and all the celebs are jumping on board to support the change of heart.
Louboutin isn't saying it's enough to wear sexy heels... You have to tell the world they mean "sex".

Fashion Of Sunglasses

Feel-Good Sunglasses

  • Friday, 31 August 2012

Miranda Kerr 
Like Anna Wintour, I'm rarely photographed without my sunnies. Come rain or shine (ok mainly rain this summer), I'm in my Ray-Bans, Burberrys or Cutler and Grosses. Sunglasses are big business at the moment. It's kind of like the so-called lipstick index; when money's tight, people buy smaller treats and these days we wear our sunglasses all year round to get our money's worth. Well, that's what I tell myself when I find my cursor hovering over Ray-Ban's natty folding aviators.

Another reason we love sunglasses? They just make us look better; more glamorous, more mysterious. But this summer there's a feelgood factor too, with sunglasses designers giving back to society and the planet. TOMS (which started as a footwear company) has launched TOMS Eyewear, promising to give sight to someone who needs it in Nepal, Cambodia or Tibet for each pair of TOMS sunnies sold. You can buy them at Toms.co.uk or Selfridges.

Meanwhile, Gucci has upped its commitment to environmental do-gooding with recyclable sunglasses packaging and wooden sunglasses. Oh but not just any wooden sunglasses. These ones are made of Liquid Wood, a material made of woodfibre (from sustainably managed forests) and natural wax. Even the hinges are made from recycled metal. Admirable, no? And not to be outdone, Stella McCartney has made all her sunglasses eco-friendly - suddenly Miranda Kerr's foulard printed sunnies are even more appealing.


Stella McCartney

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Fashion Style .....All people will know . Fashion Have many style just like clouth , hair , shoe , and so on. When we talk about a fashion , many peoplr know and disscus together.Our family and parents also like and know what is fashion.
This is a new fashion when I see it at a shopping center. XD       


This is an example clouth fashion in Magazine.......


           Charmed The Pants Off

Marian Kihogo
In my head, I like to think that this season's 'look at me' trouser trend was created with me in mind.
Think the suited numbers at Rochas, Miu Miu and Prada.  They are patterned, bold and fairly 70s-inspired. They are everything these legs of mine want to be clothed in!
I've been loving this trouser moment as quite a few of mine fit right in.
Case in point: my vintage Versace pants (seen in the above image); shiny, two tone and a party in themselves.
They are one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe and I have worn them to shreds. The older they get, the better they seem to me.
They seem most in their element clashed with other prints and in the midst of hybrid color.
There is a never a boring moment around them and I am convinced they are the life of the party.
If you don't believe me, just ask the woman on the tube who tried buying them off my back.